The semester is coming and Pub Crawl is Back!

We will take you in groups to do a tour of different pubs. At the end of the evening, we will go together to the disco! This is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other and learn about some of Lugano's pubs.

The event consists of 4 pubs in which we will spend around 45 minutes. In each pub, you will have unique discounts on food and drinks. at the end of the bar tour, we are going to dance in a new special disco pub in which your gonna have free entrance!  

Date: 26/02



Due to the high number of enrollment, we divided the participants into five groups, each group will go to the same pubs but in different orders and times. So each group has a different starting time. If you managed to enroll for the event you will receive a mail with the group number in which you are in and additional information and the contact of your group leaders.

  • Group 1 meeting time: 18:00
  • Group 2 meeting time: 18:10
  • Group 3 meeting time: 18:20
  • Group 4 meeting time: 18:30
  • Group 5 meeting time: 18:45

Meeting point: USI Campus West in front of Public Bike station, Via Giuseppe Buffi 13

You can find all the other events and the enrolment form here!