ESN Lugano is a non-profit association that engages and works with hundreds of students. By working with us your business or organization could get access to this unique customer base and profit from affiliation, branding, and visibility at a local level and even beyond thanks to our section in all Switzerland and Europe. You have the chance to promote your business among the students through our social media channels and participate in and host events in collaboration with ESN which will further increase your visibility.

ESN offers customizable and flexible partnership agreements from a single event collaboration to a yearly partnership with continuous advertising, just contact us and we will find the perfect strategy that will fit your business's aims, culture, and practices.

Why work with ESN?

  • A link to international students

ESN is a dynamic, young, and international environment. Each semester we welcome hundreds of exchange students who want to live in full the experience of visiting and studying in a new country. ESN helps them to fulfill this desire by providing smooth integration of the exchange students in Switzerland and by proposing various activities that aim to entertain them and show the beauties of our territory. By collaborating in these activities you would reach an always new and enthusiastic audience.  

  • Promoting the image of your business

ESN Lugano uses all the latest communication tools, from the website to social media which are daily used by the students. By stipulating a partnership with us your organization will be always visible on our website in our partners' list, and we will also post the news of the new partnership and each event organized on our Facebook and Instagram. 

  • Offer unique services to our members

In 2004 ESN launched the ESNCard project that creates an international student card for all exchange students and ESN volunteers. The ESNCard gives the student access to all the partnerships, offers, and discounts on the local, national, and international levels. The ESNCard is also the tool to certify a student as a member of ESN and needs to be presented to take advantage of the partnership offers. Becoming an ESN partner means joining a network of others with almost 2000 discounts from international, national, and local deals all over Europe.

What do we look for in a Partner?

ESN Lugano is looking for partners active at a local level that is willing to work with us to offer the students the best experience possible through services offers and with a spirit of integration and cooperation. We value the willingness to interact with an international multicultural and multilingual environment like ESN. Furthermore, we are looking for partners that wish to support the work of ESN and thus the educational exchange and intercultural dialogue. 



Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an independent, non-partisan, non-political and non-profit international association which operates under Belgium law. Our partners support us mostly on a project base agreement. Their support is strictly related to our project and services deployment towards our network and International students and not to our organisation. The views expressed in our articles, documentaries, projects, research and surveys do not reflect the views of our partners.